Dreamers at SubT 4/1/2016

Friday night in Chicago, Dreamers were stuck with the unenviable position of headlining a show that had two bands play ahead of them that grooved so hard, people had to leave from exhaustion before the last act took the stage. The Brooklyn-based duo (plus a live drummer) took it in stride, launching into a ten-song set that was light on banter and heavy on uptempo rock and roll.

The fans that stuck around were treated to a great three-song finale that almost felt like a set unto itself. “Painkillers,” “Drugs,” and “Wolves” provided a glimpse into Dreamers possibilities at which the earlier songs in the set had only hinted. The stage felt a little empty, with Nick Wold and Nelson pretty much sticking to their separate sides of the stage, but the noise they made filled the room. Audience-members howled with Wold as an intro to the show-closer and left happy after a night of great music.

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