Porches at Bottom Lounge 4/9/2016

Had the great pleasure of seeing Porches perform yesterday at Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Their latest record Pool is currently just inside my top ten for the year so far, and their live performance did not disappoint. It was a sold out show, which meant it was a little tougher to get decent shots since I wasn’t at the front of the line when doors opened at 5pm. I did what I could and I think some of these are pretty good. Aaron Maine got the most focus because he stood in the light and was almost always doing something interesting. At one point he pulled out his phone and started filming the audience before turning the lens on himself for a long selfie video.

My favorite moment came late in the show, when Maine told the audience to please write down any weird thoughts they might have when they’re alone and they’ve never told anyone so that Porches can get high later and ponder them. What an oddly interesting way to get in touch with your fans. They even passed out pens!