Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors at Thalia Hall 4/15/2016


Last time I saw Drew Holcomb play, I believe, was a solo set opening for a couple other bands a while back. He was good-talented songwriter, good musician. It wasn’t exactly a set that blew me away, though. So I was happy to see the energy amped up with The Neighbors behind him. A couple songs in people were already yelling out for their favorite songs, which Holcomb slyly dodged by jokingly mocking the requesters (but not in a malicious way).

The band sounded good, adding a lot of rock to the supposedly “folk” concert. The back of the concert hall was fairly empty, with everyone cramping in together toward the front of the stage. He opened the show with some songs from last year’s album Medicine before dipping into the back catalogue for some fan favorites.