The Thermals at Lincoln Hall 4/20

I don’t have time to write much this morning. Yesterday I woke up to see a tweet from Hutch saying that The Thermals were playing every song off The Body The Blood The Machine during this tour and I got crazy excited because I was already planning to go. The band is in a kind of renaissance with their last two record both being exceptional, but TBTBTM is one of my favorite albums of all-time.

The crowd was surprisingly docile for the majority of the show. That all changed during the encore that featured “Returning To The Fold” and “Pillar Of Salt.” Someone spilled beer on me and a fella in a lucha libre mask tried to crowdsurf. Hutch’s vocals were pretty drowned out for most of the show, but everyone around me knew every word so we just kinda yelled to make up for it.

Summer Cannibals opened with a great set. I’ll have photos of them up later today or tomorrow.

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