New Song Premiere: Twins-Teenage Grenade


Somewhere along the thin line that separates rock music from punk is where the new album from Cedar Valley, IA quartet Twins resides. Their last record, Tomboys On Parade, was a stark reminder that true rock and roll can survive. On Square America, it thrives. Built on the foundation provided by The Heartbreakers, The Kinks, and The Stones, Twins usher in a new kind of rock set to remind a new generation that some things sound better without autotune and a Charlie Puth cameo.

“Teenage Grenade” sounds just polished enough that it’s finished without losing any of its raw energy thanks to producer Patrick Tape-Fleming. When Joel Sires lets out his Daltrey-esque wail it acts as both a fitting tribute to the past and a startling testament to the power of music.

The new record is out July 1 on Maximum Ames Records. You can pre-order it here.