We Were Promised Jetpacks at Bottom Lounge 6/24/2016

There are some bands you might see once and say, “That’s fine. Don’t need to do that again.” Other bands you can’t quit so easily. For me, these bands are: Wilco, Titus Andronicus, Josh Ritter, and We Were Promised Jetpacks. Last night was my fourth time seeing the Scottish rock band and I’m sure it won’t be my last. They always deliver exactly what you need at the exact right moment.

After a strong opening set from LA-based Prism Tats, WWPJ took the stage and criss-crossed through their albums playing much loved hits like “Quiet Little Voices” and deeper cuts like “Pear Tree.” Adam Thompson’s voice was booming, while his guitar and Michael Palmer’s found sweet synchronicity as they drones through some long instrumental sections.

Of the four times I’ve seen them, I’ve ended in front of Palmer at three of the shows. Last night was my first interactions with him while he played. First, he kindly asked me to move my camera bag which I’d left on the stage. The second time he saw my Run The Jewels t-shirt and flashed me the gun and chain symbol, widely accepted as a greeting between two RTJ fans.

The crowd is one of the best things about a WWPJ show. Despite one VERY drunk 50-something man who was getting up into people’s personal space it was a great display of fandom. People were shouting along with almost every song and I imagine everyone’s feet and neck hurt as bad as mine today (that or I’m getting old).

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