Midpoint:2016-Best Albums, Songs, and Photos

It’s hard to believe it’s already halfway through the year. Time flies, but at least we’ve had some great music to keep us company through that long winter and week-long spring. Now it’s summer and festival season is already in full swing. I’m looking forward to getting some pictures over the next few weeks at Pitchfork and 80/35 that will make the end-of-year list of Best Photos. Til then, these will have to do

The best songs this year come from a wide variety of genres. Pop music has been getting more interesting and some artists that have been around for a while have found new life. Below, find my top songs of the year so far, in no particular order. I usually listen to it on shuffle.

For those that don’t already know, I keep a running “Best of” on the site at all times for albums. You can click at the top where it says “Records Of The Year” or you can follow this link. I can tell you, I haven’t heard anything better than Christopher The Conquered’s I’m Giving Up On Rock and Roll. He remains in the number 1 spot until I do.

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