80/35 Portraits

I’m not big on doing portraits most of the time. I’m not a great poser of people. But, 80/35 gave me a great opportunity to shoot some people that are amazingly talented and humble and collaborative. I wanted to feature as many local bands as I could, and I hope that I accomplished that.

Raven Lenae (local to me in Chicago)


Patrick Tape-Fleming and Chris Ford (Gloom Balloon, The Poison Control Center/Christopher The Conquered)-Neither were playing the fest this year, which was a first, but they supported all the local acts and displayed all the kindness and sincerity that makes the Iowa music scene so great.


Twins-Square America out now!!!!! If you love rock and roll you owe it to yourself to check out this band. They do it hard and fast and will leave you wanting more.


MarKaus-He destroyed the stage with his own set Friday, and then joined Maids for their set on Saturday.


Maids-Mickey and Danny do a great job of making everyone around them feel involved. It’s no wonder they’re a couple of the most respected young artists in Des Moines.


MaZoo-When it comes to reppin’ your city and your crew, no one can top MaZoo. Her performance at 80/35 featured her Godlov squad in feature and exclusive roles. It says a lot about her generosity that she would sacrifice some of her stage time to others.