Kate Epps Valentines EP Redux


British singer/songwriter Kate Epps has been featured here a couple of times before. I reviewed her Soft Pink EP last year, and then she was kind enough to write an essay about the Marina & The Diamonds track “Fear And Loathing.” Earlier in 2016 she released a 3-song set to commemorate Valentine’s Day, and the songs weren’t exactly akin to Air Supply or REO Speedwagon. No, her songs played out a bit more like the famous massacre than the cheerful greeting card holiday.

Now the tracks are back via a long form video that combines all three songs cut to old movie clips and found footage ranging from the 1950’s through the 80’s. Epps pops up a few times, and delivers a fine performance toward the end of the clip. I didn’t review this release initially (except for a quick tweet recommending people check it out). I still don’t think I can really do it justice with my words. The intellectual and emotional resonance will draw you in for multiple views.

You can check out more of Kate’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.