Bloc Party Lollapalooza After Show at House Of Blues 7/30/2016

When Bloc Party kicked off their second hiatus in 2013, I thought for sure my opportunities to see the band play live were squashed. Silent Alarm is one of those touchstone albums that I think everyone my age that’s into music at all has in their collection. Even though I don’t listen to it as often as I do some others, I definitely recognize it’s importance in the grand scheme of indie rock.

I wasn’t about to spend $400 to catch a few bands that I wanted to see, but the great Lollapalooza after show lineup came through once again, with Bloc Party playing a show at House Of Blues. I sent in my request for a photo pass fully expecting an immediate rejection. Instead it was met with a “We’ll see.” It took all the way up till the afternoon of the show, but I got it and I was super excited.

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