Hiatus Kaiyote at Park West 08/10/2016

Last night Hiatus Kaiyote brought their Aussie funk train through Chicago with a sold-out show at Park West. After a sweltering summer day, those looking for some relief in the air conditioned confines of the venue were sadly disappointed. With  warm bodies packed in like sardines, things got so heated the band’s equipment had a hard time keeping up with the band.

I had some trouble getting into the venue, so by the time I found a spot it was tight, so my pictures suffered quite a bit. Basically they are all of Nai Palm. I spent a lot of time watching the drummer, but to get pictures of him I would have had to slam a guy upside the head with my lens, so I chose to just take what I could get and enjoy the music.

I didn’t really get into the first Hiatus record from a few years ago. It was a little weird and I didn’t really get it. However, their last record, Choose Your Weapon, is fantastic and I highly recommend it. If you’ve wondered what kind of direction funk and R&B are headed in, just listen to “Shaolin Monk Motherfunk” a couple times. It’s a mind-bending take on future-funk that manages to be both dance-inducing and thought-provoking.

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