Chris Milam-Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (Video)

Back in July I had the opportunity to see Chris Milam play at Uncommon Ground and take some photographs of him. We chatted for a while about a lot of stuff-music, the Grizzlies, the city of Memphis. I came away with a pretty good sense of who he is, I think. Chris is a very bright guy, a talented musician, and kind beyond words. His new record won’t be out for a little while, but he just dropped a new video for the single “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.”

The video was shot by Chris and Ben Siler (who also cut the clip together) on an iPhone. It looks great, and the concept of having people holding cards with statements about themselves, while done before, fits with the song very well.

The cards range from hilarious (“It took me 26 years to beat Legend Of Zelda”) to heartbreaking (“Since my father died I can’t sing loudly in the car alone without crying”). 

Take a look below and be sure to keep an ear out for Chris’s record Kids These Days coming out next year.

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