Lany at Metro 11/3/2016

I caught Lany earlier this year at Mamby On The Beach and thought they were pretty good. Definitely good enough that I wanted to see them again. Based on last night’s show at Metro, I think this trio has potential to be a huge group if that’s what they want. The show wasn’t sold out, but it felt pretty close, and those who were there were super excited. There were no bodies on the floor that weren’t coursing with adrenaline as they waited for Lany to take the stage. Multiple times during the break after the opener, the crowd erupted with chants calling for the band to take the stage.

They did not disappoint. Dubbed as alt-pop, you can feel the influences of Passion Pit and Panic At The Disco running through the music. You could just as easily call it party-pop, because that’s what it felt like walking through the audience. The Chicagoans got a special treat, as the group came to the stage decked out in Cubs uniforms, celebrating the World Series champs victory the night before. They even dedicated “Hot Lights” to the Cubbies.

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