Donnie Biggins-Profiles Release Show 12/2/2016

You probably know Donnie Biggins from the booking wing of his business, Harmonica Dunn. He puts on great shows all around Chicago, showcasing local talent and up-and-comers from around the country. Or maybe you know him from Tonic Room, the bar he owns and operates in Lincoln Park. You SHOULD know him as a member of The Shams Band, and now as a solo artist making great music of his own.

Profiles, Donnie’s debut solo LP, came out on Friday. To celebrate, there was a 2 night residency at Tonic Room featuring the new album in it’s entirety plus some great sets from other bands. One of my favorite local groups, Martin Van Ruin, played with him on Friday so I chose that show to go support my friend and a musician I respect immensely.

If you’d like to check out Profiles, click here. I’m not reviewing the record yet, but the show was great. One song that featured the great guitar work of Ryan Joseph Anderson really blew me away. Find the video below:

Donnie Biggins:


Martin Van Ruin:

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