Loci Records Showcase at Lincoln Hall 12/16/2016

Friday night I had the opportunity to take some pictures at the Loci Records Showcase at Lincoln Hall. The headlining artist on this tour is Emancipator, performing a set with Lapa (who also opens the show). Tor and Chicago’s own Edamame are the other two featured artists. They had the stage set up with one long table that held laptops and mixing gear that all four artists would use throughout the evening, which made the transition from act to act seamless.

The opening set by Lapa was enjoyable with a mix of live instruments and electronic beats. He brings in a lot of Eastern European sounds to his music, and it reminds me a bit of Beirut (if Zac Condon traded in most of the band for a drum machine). Lapa’s set flowed straight into Edamame’s in flawless form. Hailing from Chicago, Edamame has a bit more of a dance feel and the crowd at Lincoln Hall started to get a little hotter as they shed their coats to boogie down.

Tor’s set was a bit more ambient, with a spacey vibe. Lots of people were bobbing up and down, but not as much movement overall. The production felt like something more in tune with a bedroom or low-key hang than something for a big crowd, but I thought it sounded good. Tor’s set ended with the only lag of the night, as he announced Emancipator would be up shortly.

Lincoln Hall was packed by the time Emancipator took the stage. Lapa joined him to play violin on the tracks, which was a nice touch. The finale was definitely the most pop-leaning set of the night. The crowd was moving again and there were balloons floating through the air just a couple songs in to Emancipator’s set.

The night was a great showcase of different sounds from some talented musicians and producers. If you haven’t checked out the roster from Loci Records, you can do so here.