Hemmingbirds Set To Fly Away At Lincoln Hall


Hemmingbirds hit the Chicago music scene six and a half years ago with their ambitious debut record, Death Wave. Over those years they released a fairly steady stream of music that you could list among the best coming out of this city. Now, sadly, it is time for the band to dissolve, with one final show Thursday December 29th at Lincoln Hall (click for tix).

I first met the band in 2013 when I asked them to come to Handwritten Recording to do a Hasty Revelations session. Nice guys, great musicians. They knocked out a cover of “Tomorrow Never Knows” in no time flat, even with Yoo Soo’s re-recording the vocals to make sure they were just right. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed hearing what they’re working on-always something different than before, taking risks and making great music.

Earlier this year they released a new EP, Half A Second, that takes a look at the fleeting of time and the illusion of memory. A fitting final piece of Hemmingbirds’ musical legacy. Right now you can get that EP and everything else the band has released on Bandcamp for a little over $10. I can’t recommend it enough.

Another thing I think you should do is make it to Lincoln Hall for the show. Not only do you get to see Hemmingbirds final performance, which will be amazing, you also get to see other great Chicago acts Mutts, Archie Powell and the Exports, and Jesse W. Johnson.

Hemmingbirds are: Yoo Soo Kim, Zach Benkowski, and Timothy Cap

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