The Company You Keep Podcast Has Live Debut 1/12/2017 At Uncommon Ground


Philip Michael Scales started The Company You Keep podcast back in 2015, and this year he’s stepping his game up with a residency at Uncommon Ground on Clark to record the episodes live. Every second Thursday of the month you can find him interviewing music makers about their craft, their experiences, and anything else that comes up.

On January 12th he’ll be sitting down with musician/bar owner/concert promoter Donnie Biggins. Topics that are sure to be discussed: Biggins time in The Shams Band, promoting shows and running your own festival in Chicago, the new solo release Donnie put out last month, and owning a bar while maintaining a marriage and three young kids.

I’ve had the opportunity to chat with both of these individuals over the past few years, and they are engaging and funny, so I have high hopes for this first episode. You can RSVP and find links for tickets here. If you’d like to check out some prior episodes, you can find them on iTunes.

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