Video Premiere: Quick Piss-Information Withdrawal


Our old friend Patrick Tape-Fleming produced the debut record from Quick Piss, Rock And Roll Impotence, and as you might suspect based on his previous work it’s really good. The Des Moines-based punk group’s album came out back in August, but they’re still slowly rolling out material from it, including this DEFT-shot video for the song “Information Withdrawal.”

The video reminds me a bit of the movie version of Fight Club (but less annoying). It takes a look at paranoia in the surveillance age and how easy it is to fall into the many traps one could find on the web. The song is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the video goes to a pretty dark place. It’s a good watch, even if you don’t like the song. If you do like it, you can check out the rest on Spotify.

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