Ezra Furman at Space 1/7/2017

I’m repeating myself for maybe the thousandth time, but there is nothing greater than seeing Ezra Furman perform in front of a hometown crowd. He’s so comfortable and at ease that the show is like an episode of Storytellers. He talks at length about songs and what he’s feeling and it’s amazing.

This solo show was no different, and I’m glad I could make it because I really needed to hear him talk about not giving in to despair and remaining positive.

He tried out some new stuff that was played as spoken word with bandmate Ben Joseph laying down piano behind it. The Mail-Order Bride segment was my favorite of these, but they were all good.

For some reason when I walked out of the theater after seeing Silence on Friday, I had “Queen Of Hearts” stuck in my head. Maybe because as much as he is an amazing songwriter, he’s also a man of faith. He puts a lot of that faith into his music and gives others something g to believe in. So I was hoping he would play that, which he did, and “Cherry Lane.” He waited til almost the very end, but it did get played.

The setlist was culled from all over his discography. He got to bring out “New Year’s Resolution,” which he wished he could play more often but it’s too seasonal. Solo versions of “Ordinary Life” and “Day Of The Dog” really struck a chord in this intimate setting.

The crowd was so reverent and polite, it almost made me wish I could stay there forever. I also felt bad because the clicking of the shutter on my camera was very audible. Still, everyone seemed to enjoy seeing their native son spill his guts and bare his soul on stage, and I think Ezra appreciated the knowledge that he is always welcomed home by the loving embrace of Evanston.

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