The Rural Alberta Advantage-“Beacon Hill”


I don’t think I’m the only RAA fan that was a little disappointed by their last record, Mended With Gold. It just didn’t hit the same emotional note for me that Hometowns and Departing had. I did see them live supporting Gold, and the show was good. So I don’t doubt the passion is still there. And then Amy left the band and I was a bit skeptical about the future possibilities of their music. In steps Robin Hatch, and I don’t think too much has changed.

The focus seems to be more tightly on Nils, which I’m fine with. “Beacon Hill” is not quite enough to convince me that they’re back in top form, but it is encouraging. It’s certainly better than “White Lights,” the first single they released from the new album. So they’re moving in the right direction. The new album, currently without title, is due out near the end of the year on Saddle Creek.