AFI at Riviera Theatre 1/31/2017

I wasn’t expecting to be as into the AFI show last night as I was. It’s been a minute since I listened to AFI with any regularity (a really, really long minute). I was never super into them and a friend of mine introduced me to Blakq Audio when they first started doing that side project and I liked that quite a bit more. But then the band started their show with “Miss Murder,” which was shocking. Most bands don’t lead off a show with one of their biggest hits, and I really appreciated the move as it drew me in deeper than I thought possible.

With a new album out last month, I expected AFI to roll through that and save the songs I actually knew til the encore, but I ended up knowing a handful right off the bat. They definitely haven’t lost anything in the energy department, and the photo pit was fairly active with security keeping fans from getting up to the stage. I wish I had remembered ear plugs with the loud music and the audience screaming right behind me, but that’s really my only complaint. The lights were good-much better than I thought they would be based on a Google search to find previous shows lighting-and Davey Havok worked the edge of the stage like the seasoned pro he is.



Miss Murder, The Leaving Song Part II, Aurelia, Girl’s Not Grey, Love Like Winter, 3 1/2, 17 Crimes, Still A Stranger, Clove Smoke Catharsis, End Transmission, Morningstar, Days Of The Phoenix, Snow Cats, I Hope You Suffer, Silver And Cold


The Face Beneath The Waves, This Celluloid Dream

Second Encore: