Rafael Vigilantics-Ramblin Bones (Video)


This song got under my skin in a different way than most. Initially I thought the song itself was just okay, but the video was really good. I watched it a couple more times for the visuals, and as I did, the voice of Rafael Vigilantics started digging into my brain. Part campfire ballad and part trippy head game, the song comes together like a hazy dream.

The song was co-written by Noah Harmon (Airborne Toxic Event), who’s been working on a lot of different projects lately. Other music by Vigilantics, which you can find on Bandcamp, ventures everywhere from folk to hip hop. He seems like a pretty interesting character, so I hope we get some more ahead of his new album Orleans. That record should be coming in the Spring.

He will also be on the road with Sadistik and Nacho Picasso starting in mid-April. Hitting Chicago on May 7th, so keep that in mind. Check out his Facebook page for any updates.

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