Sons Of An Illustrious Father at Tonic Room 3/11/2017

As a rule I don’t write reviews of shows that I had a hand in putting together. I did take some pictures that I wanted to share, though. I did think the show was amazing for a lot of reasons, first and foremost all the great people that came out to support the show. This was my third time seeing the band in Chicago and it was easily their best crowd. Those that arrived early got a special treat, hanging out with band members before they went on, watching sound check, and having run of Tonic Room for a while.

After the set, which featured a lot of new stuff that everyone seemed to be really into and ended with a cover of David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid Of Americans,” everyone was really nice and patient waiting in line to talk to the band and get some merch. I promised them that next time they return to Chicago we’ll sell out Metro, so make sure you’re telling your friends how great the experience was.


3 thoughts on “Sons Of An Illustrious Father at Tonic Room 3/11/2017

  1. This band is my absolute everything right now! Anytime I try to listen to something else I go right back to them. The mix of everyone’s vocals and they way they switch between the three of them, so amazing. I have high hopes they’ll come near my state! Amazing photos!