Khodara-Billie EP

Photo by David Miller

Back in January I wrote about the lead single off Khodara’s latest EP, Billie. At the time I said that the slow, sultry beat would transport you to another time and place. That’s a theme that resonates throughout the record, with hypnotic sounds that draw you in to the inner workings of Khodara’s mind. It’s done rather simply, with a drum machine and some synths, but it’s very effective. The way her vocals melt into the music rewards those who listen closely, but also makes it a great chill record that you can just have on in the background.

Along with producer Billy Pavone, Khodara does a fine job of keeping the EP consistent across all four tracks. With some tweaking you could almost make it into one long song, which is a good thing in this case. It feels like all the songs were written at the same time, with the same things in mind. It begins and ends with a whisper, hints of simmering rage and lamentation over love fill in most  of the space in between.

Billie is officially out this Friday, March 17th. You can hear three (“Billie,” “Anxious,” and “Lunatics”) of the four tracks right now on her Soundcloud page.


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