Taste Of Randolph: Great Music And Food To Check Out


Taste Of Randolph has a pretty great track record of getting a diverse group of musical acts to satisfy all tastes. This year is no different, with headliners Dawes, Moon Taxi, and Robert DeLong providing americana, rock, and electronic fans with some of the best of each genre.

Further down the bill, you’ll find a lot of great local talent. Many of them are friends of the site, and I would urge you to check out each one if you can. On Friday at 6pm you can see Bassel & The Supernaturals on the Skyline Stage, Saturday Phillip-Michael Scales opens the fest on the same stage at noon, and Sunday you’ll find Donnie Biggins playing the Denver Live On The Rocks stage at 3pm while Nasty Snacks hits Skyline at 4:30.

Other great acts playing the festival: Head For The Hills and Son Little (Sunday), Wes John Cichosz and Growlers (Friday), !!! and Prob Cause (Saturday-back to back).

The first time I went to this festival was a few years ago when Divine Fits were headlining. The place was pretty packed, and a lot of the lines for the food vendors were too long to bother waiting before their set started. When they ended a lot of places were closing down, but as I walked toward the east exit from as far west as I could be, a wonderful aroma filled the air. I followed the scent to a little stand that featured De Cero Tacos. They were a little pricey, but that’s to be expected at these kinds of events. At $5, the taco didn’t stand much of a chance of living up to the price, but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if it wasn’t one of the best tacos I’ve ever tasted.

The are where the festival takes place is known for great restaurants, and I’ve hit a few I can tell you are certainly worth checking out. The burgers at Grange Hall are delicious. I don’t know what their menu will be for this event, but they also serve amazing boozy milkshakes. If it’s a delicious bacon you desire, I recommend stopping by Publican for a hunk of meat so mouthwatering you’ll need a spittoon to catch all your drool.

I’ve always had a good time at Taste Of Randolph. I have to work over the weekend it’s going on this year, but I’ll try to get there to see Moon Taxi for sure.

This year they’re also offering VIP tickets, which gets you seats in the stands, discounts on beer, and private bathrooms. You can find details on those tickets here.