Taylor Phelan at Martyr’s 7/8/2017

A couple weeks ago I shared a new single from former The Canes frontman and season 7 The Voice contestant Taylor Phelan. On Saturday I had the opportunity to see him play live, and he didn’t disappoint. The set was, however, slightly marred by some technical difficulties that delayed the band’s set and forced them to cut one or two songs.

It didn’t stop them from bringing some joy into the room. Everyone was dancing and having fun, listening intently and appreciating every song. He played mostly dance-friendly pop tunes, but also covered Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” and sang a ballad for his wife who was in attendance.

He wasn’t the headliner, but he proved that he can handle a room and get his ideas across in a way everyone can understand. He’s very active on stage-always moving and making big gestures with his hands when singing, like the energy inside him just can’t wait to burst out of his body. It’s an endearing quality and I think the audience was moving more than they maybe normally would due to his frenzy of motion.