Lisa Heller at Uncommon Ground 7/27/2017

Last Thursday I had the good fortune to meet a young up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Connecticut named Lisa Heller. She headlined a show at Uncommon Ground and we chatted for a bit while we were taking some pictures outside the venue. 

She seems to have a well-developed idea about what kind of music she wants to make and what effect she wants it to have on people. This impression was crystallized when I spoke to her mom for a bit and she told me, from the age of 7, Lisa has always wanted to help people and make a difference. There is an optimism to the songs that cuts past any cynicism to find the good things in life.

Already an award-winning songwriter, Lisa recently opened for “Fight Song” singer Rachel Platten. She’s also written songs with former New Radicals keyboardist Jim McGorman. These factors should help her gain a decent following even before she starts getting a lot of radio play. 

There isn’t a lot available to hear just yet, but I’m told there will be more music coming shortly. One of the new tunes is called “Firewall,” which she played with her band during the show:

​​Currently, Lisa is in college at Colgate. While she’s had a busy summer, and seems keen to keep it going and start releasing and touring, I hope that she can take some time off to finish her degree before life gets too crazy. With her great support system, and a good head on her shoulders, I have no doubt she’ll continue to make good choices.

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