Gloom Balloon-“Alone In My Head” (Video Premiere)

Any occasion to share new music from Gloom Balloon is reason for excitement. The release of Patrick’s latest album is still a month away, but he made videos for a bunch of songs and is slowly debuting each one on different sites. He asked me which one I’d like to host, because we have a good relationship, and I chose “Alone In My Head.”

I don’t know if it’s the very best song of the 14 that make up Drying The Eyes Of The Goddess Of Gloom, Under The Stars And The Moon, but I really like it and I think you all will as well.

If there’s one thing that can be easily said about Patrick’s music, it never wears out it’s welcome. Whether with Posion Control Center or now with Gloom Balloon, the songs usually have a runtime more in line with punk rock than indie-electrofunk or however you would categorize his most recent work.

A while back he was selling shirts that say “Pat Sounds,” a play on The Beach Boys of course, but I think that DTEOTGOG,UTSATM is the closest to Brian Wilson any human deserves to get. The production is totally compelling, drawing your ear to sounds that have little to do with the melody, but help make up the whole. It’s an atmospheric record that can also be enjoyed purely on the surface-a rare treat for music lovers.

The video for this song is interesting for its simplicity and it’s execution. The basic idea, Patrick going around in circles on a carousel, seems easy enough. The mirrors cause an issue, though, and I’m sure it was a lot of fun to figure out how best to shoot it.

I was told when he sent me the clip that he went “full Bono” in this one. I didn’t get it until just after the one minute mark and again right at two minutes. Playing dead-on into the camera. He totally nailed it.

The album will be out in September, but you can pre-order it here. He’s teased that this may be the last Gloom Balloon release, so let’s show him how much his music has meant by getting those pre-sales up to a number that might make him rethink things.

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