Izzy Bizu at Soldier Field 8/17/17

A few weeks ago someone sent me the music video for Izzy Bizu’s “White Tiger.” I’d never heard of her before, but was immediately struck by the video’s similarity to fun, early 80’s American pop singers Whitney Houston and Madonna. I think she’s got a bright future if she sticks with it, and apparently Coldplay agrees as she’s opening for them on their current tour of the United States. I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to the show and was able to take some photos of Izzy’s performance.

She didn’t seem nervous or uncomfortable with the size of the stage or crowd, which is good. I know if I looked out into a Soldier Field’s worth of faces I would be struggling to move, let alone sing. The music felt a little muted, as is the case with most huge stadium shows-you get more people in but lose some of the excitement. I’m hoping she comes back and plays a smaller venue (Lincoln Hall or Thalia Hall, perhaps).

There were a few slower songs that I felt didn’t showcase her talents enough. When she ended her set with “White Tiger,” the stage and the crowd both came alive with energy and it started to feel like a big thing was happening. The rest was a bit lackluster, though she sounded great. I left after she performed, as I couldn’t take pictures of Coldplay and haven’t been interested since their second album.

You can find Izzy’s album A Moment Of Madness on Spotify as well as iTunes/Apple Music.


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