The Fuss-Boy (Video Premiere)


The Fuss released their first full-length back in July, but I hadn’t heard about them until a few days ago. After touring around Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota to support the record, they went back to Des Moines to film a video for the song “Boy” with visual master Bruce Bales and the DEFT crew.

When I first heard the song my immediate thought was that it sounded a bit like Duran Duran. The way the opening keys mix with the super clean guitar riff is straight out of the new wave. As it gets into the verse it starts to take on more of it’s own sound, bringing in some swirling rhythms to give it more of a psych-rock vibe.

Having only been a band for two years, I am surprised by how well they’re put together. Sometimes it takes a while to figure things out and other times they just click into place. Lucky for us The Fuss falls in the latter category.

Listening to the album, it’s interesting to hear how easily they change things up from song to song. There are a lot of different influences you can spot out-everything from Strawberry Alarm Clock and Paul Simon to Vampire Weekend and The Kooks. You can check it all out for yourself on Spotify.