Mister Heavenly-“Makin’ Excuses”

I put in my pre-order for the new Mister Heavenly album, Boxing The Moonlight, about 5 seconds after I saw the announcement. So, if you’re looking for objectivity you’ll have to search elsewhere. My unabashed love for this supergroup (Nick Thorburn of Islands, Ryan Kattner of Man Man, and Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse) has no end. Ever since the first time I heard them play I’ve been a fan of the dynamics they create.

“Makin’ Excuses” is the newest single from the upcoming album, and it’s a perfect display of what the band does well. Thorburn and Kattner share vocal duties, the vibe changes on a dime from a Breakfast Club Soundtrack to a dance-y rock number, and they paint an interesting picture with their lyrics.

Boxing The Moonlight hits shelves October 6, so there’s still plenty of time to get those pre-orders in before the release date. It’s coming out on Polyvinyl, and you can get a copy here.