Kasabian at House Of Blues 9/19/2017

In the USA, a lot of people had written off Kasabian as another band that made a big splash when they came over from the UK, but couldn’t sustain any momentum stateside. Back in their native land they’ve been going strong, and this year marks their 20th anniversary as a band. They’ve actually kept things pretty consistent, with a new album out every two to three years since 2004 when they hit it big with the song “Clubfoot.”

Their latest album, For Crying Out Loud, was released in May of this year. The song “Comeback Kid” is featured in FIFA ’17, which is a major reason the band remains relevant here in the USA, as they don’t get the radio play they deserve (also alternative stations are dying out, which doesn’t help).The sold-out crowd at House Of Blues seemed to be pretty familiar with the new stuff, as opposed to some bands with a 20-year history where those in attendance only know songs from the first couple records.

I was pretty impressed with the show. Sergio Pizzorno is still a ball of energy on guitar and vocals, and frontman Tom Meighan knows how to find the balance between cocky swagger and fun. The new songs play well, with “You’re In Love With A Psycho” being a real highlight. It’s always good when the stuff you’re less familiar with still strikes with the same feeling.

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