Slaves at House Of Blues 9/19/2017

Three things need to be true about a punk show: loud, aggressive, and sweaty. Slaves checked off all three boxes opening for Kasabian at House Of Blues last night. Drummer/vocalist Isaac Holman screamed at the audience part of the time, and with them the rest as he led Slaves through a powerful set of songs. A two-man combo of drums, guitar, and vocals; Slaves get all the sound they need from their members. Laurie Vincent wails on guitar and seems to get his stage presence from the likes of Chuck Berry and Angus Young. Holman is just a beast behind the drums and at the edge of the stage.

He didn’t stop there, though. Holman could often be found in the photo pit between the band and the fans, or in the middle of the crowd, or, at one point, standing on the bar and belting out the lyrics to “Beauty Quest” (from the deluxe version of their 2015 album Are You Satisfied?).

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