The Fox & The Hounds at Beat Kitchen 9/22/2017

Chicago’s The Fox & The Hounds were a late addition to the bill at Beat Kitchen on Friday. Word didn’t come until early Thursday, but the band was able to take full advantage of the opportunity. This was my first time seeing them live after many missed chances over the past couple of years. Their energy and passion is boundless, and they’re only interest seems to be making sure the audience has a good time.

They do some covers, which is perfect for a show in a small space where you can form a real sense of community with the crowd. If you’re a fan of TRL-era pop, you’ll love their versions of No Doubt’s “Bathwater” and Destiny Child’s “Survivor.” Three vocalists are featured, so choosing a song by DC is a no-brainer. Kendel Lester provides the “lead” vocals, but Kate Brassel and Katie Astrauskas have no problem holding their own (plus Astrauskas rocks a key-tar!).

At the end of 2015 TF&TH’s put out their most recent EP called Peachy Keen, which you can pick up here.

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