Crown Larks-Population

I’m still playing catch-up on records I’ve missed this year, and will continue to do so until early 2018. Back in May Chicago’s Crown Larks put out a new record called Population, which is available here. I’ve listened to the band off and on over the past few years, and I always enjoy their fresh perspective.

A lot of people like to mention jazz when talking about Crown Larks. Population isn’t like the clean cut jazz of La La Land, though. I couldn’t imagine any choreographed dance numbers set to “Swoon (For Fred Hampton),” and if someone did one it would be disturbing to say the least. That said, the songs on this album are much more about the emotional journey you experience as you listen, and in that sense it is most definitely jazz.

If you like your music to be straightforward guitar, drum, and vocals this probably isn’t the record for you. If you’re into hearing musicians take chances and get a little weird, then you’re in luck. Every track offers something a little different, and each one will expose you to sounds you may not have heard.

Later this week (Friday the 29th) Crown Larks will be playing a house show that’s “Pay What You Want.” Info in the Facebook event here.