Moon Taxi at Concord Music Hall 10/13/2017

It had been a few years since I last saw Moon Taxi play in a club, so I was excited to check out their set a couple nights ago in Chicago. I caught about twenty minutes of them playing outdoors in Memphis last year, but I had to go to get to another stage. Concord is a much bigger venue than where I first saw them, but the vibe was still the same.

Moon Taxi have been perfecting their craft as performers and musicians throughout the 2010’s, and their stage show reflects that. At one point they were playing some new songs and I thought “that could be King’s Of Leon up there.” The lights and sound were so good that I could envision them in a huge arena playing to thousands instead of hundreds.

They still know how to have a good time up there on stage, and Saturday night was no different in that area. They brought out saxophonist Leo Pellegrino from the opening band Too Many Zooz to jam with them on “Make Your Mind Up.” The packed-in crowd was dancing like crazy and everywhere I looked I  saw big smiles.