LPX at Metro 10/13/2017

When MS MR announced a hiatus earlier this year, fans were made to wonder what would be coming next. Lizzy Plapinger’s solo project LPX has slowly released a couple singles, with a third called “Better” just released last month. Her new stuff is a bit more rock-based, with guitars creating the sounds instead of synths. At the show on Saturday she even mentioned her love for Kathleen Hanna and how she grew up on riotgrrrl music. They even did a cover of a Le Tigre song.

Plapinger appears very excited about this new project. Before a few songs she said “This is my favorite part of the show.” She even acknowledged how silly it was that she said it so often. It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone smile so much on stage and just pour everything they have into a performance. As the opener, the venue hadn’t really filled up yet, but she played like she was headlining Madison Square Garden, and I appreciate that.

Since there isn’t a ton of material out yet (though the EP is coming soon), they did a couple covers. Le Tigre as stated above, and MS MR’s “Fantasy,” which got a huge applause from the crowd. It was interesting to hear the singer perform the old song with a new band, keeping the same vibe, but entirely new at the same time.

I’m excited to see where this project goes. This opening tour for RAC was the first step in getting the new sound out there, and I hope people were paying attention. The two MS MR albums were fairly successful, and I think LPX could do even more with a bigger sound and broader audience.



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