Noah Kahan at Thalia Hall 10/19/2017

If you’re unfamiliar with Noah Kahan right now, I’m not surprised. I was not aware of him myself until I saw he’d be opening shows for The Strumbellas on their current tour. After listening to the few songs he has out on Spotify, it was not surprising that the band would choose the Vermont-born singer/songwriter to warm up their crowds.

He plays a similar kind of music, with jangly guitars and big, bold declarations in the lyrics. The tunes are simple and honest, and they make you want to sing along and dance. He exudes an air of shy confidence on stage, not breaking too much to talk about the songs or banter with the audience. In fact, his set flew by so fast I was kind of surprised when it ended.

My personal favorite moment during his set was on a song introduction. He said “I’m going to play a song called ‘Hallelujah,’” which got a big applause. Then he said “Not that one. This ones much sadder.” So not only is he a great musician, he’s also got a sense of humor.

Noah’s latest single, “Hurt Somebody,” came out last month. You can hear it on Spotify:

And check out the new acoustic version just released today:


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