The Strumbellas at Thalia Hall 10/19/2017

I first heard about The Strumbellas at a music festival in Toronto back in 2014. Unfortunately, they were playing the same time as another group I wanted to see. So finally, over three years later, on Thursday night I got to see the Canadian Americana band take the stage at Thalia Hall.

The band did not disappoint, playing a set filled with the hits from their 2015 album Hope as well as some older stuff with which some may not be as familiar. I was impressed that they’re confident enough in their fans that they don’t need to save all the hit songs until the end. They scattered songs like “Young And Wild,” “Spirits,” and “Wild Sun” throughout, each causing a huge sing-a-long to break out.

​Watching them perform filled me with the same kind of joy and warmth I got the first time I heard the band, so I highly recommend checking out a show. Thalia Hall felt like a perfectly sized venue for this show, and I hope anyone that wanted to see them but couldn’t on Thursday was able to make the show on Friday.


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