Grand Am-“All That I Ever Do”

It’s been a while since I’ve heard any new music from one of my favorite Chicago bands, Fort Frances. It was six years ago today that the singer/songwriter David McMillin stopped by Handwritten Recording to lay down a solo version of the band’s amazing song “City By The Sea.” Sadly, it’ll be a while before we get new stuff from them, but David has been working steadily on a new project with his friend James Panepinto and they’ve just released their first single.

If Panepinto’s name sounds familiar, you may have caught his work on shows like Catfish and Finding Carter. He cut his teeth assisting Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta while finding his own voice as a composer and producer. James sent David a handful of demos and they quickly started turning them into songs. Now Grand Am is ready to speed into your hearts.

“All That I Ever Do” is a blistering, heart pounding track with a deep bass and quickly paced melody in the chorus that belies the emotional resonance of the lyrics therein. Certainly different than anything David has done with Fort Frances, and closer to something you’d expect from The Black Keys. The music doesn’t sound too complex-a repetitive guitar riff and drums fill up most of the space-but that simplicity is deceiving.

“All That I Ever Do” will get a tv premiere this Sunday in a new episode of “Shameless” on Showtime. No release date yet for an EP or full-length, but check out Grand Am on Facebook to keep up with them. A tour should be coming in 2018.

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