Three years ago I ordered the 4-song “Jump Rope” 7″ by Gingerlys. I’ve returned to it often since then, but the band has been pretty quiet since it was released. Until about a month ago I didn’t even know if they were still a band. Then word came that they’d recorded a new album, which came out a week ago.

If you’ve heard them before, the self-titled LP feels very much like a continuation of that first handful of recordings. This collection of ten songs also feels much too short, clocking in at 29 minutes. It’s always a good thing to leave a listener wanting more rather than wearing out your welcome I suppose.

They run the gamut of pop: bubblegum to garage to power to psych. They do all forms very well, and everything is awash in this brightly shimmering haze of joy. The songs don’t fluctuate much sonically from one to another, making for a very easy and cohesive listen. The band plays with the construct of the songs within each individual song, while the album as a whole makes it through with its integrity intact.

You can pick up a copy of the album digitally or get a physical vinyl/cassette here.

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