Album Of The Year: Honorable Mentions

I kept my list to a neat 50 this year, meaning some albums I really liked didn’t make the cut. They’re still great records, though, so I won’t to list them here in case someone wants to check them out. They won’t be in any specific order so don’t put too much thought into where they are on the list.

Laura Marling-Semper Femina

Chris Milam-Kids These Days

Lilah Larson-Pentimento

Japandroids-Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

K’Valentine-Here For A Reason

Offa Rex-Queen Of Hearts

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds-Who Built The Moon?

Liam Gallagher-As You Were

Ian Felice-In The Kingdom Of Dreams

Charly Bliss-Guppy

Craig Finn-We All Want The Same Things

Vince Staples-Big Fish Theory

Allison Crutchfield-Tourist In This Town

The Barr Brothers-Queens Of The Breakers

Bleached-Can You Deal?

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