Titus Andronicus-“Number One (In New York)”

Last night Patrick Stickles announced the release date for a new Titus Andronicus album, and posted the first single to YouTube. It’s been a couple years since The Most Lamentable Tragedy, so a new record is a great way to start 2018. And “Number One (In New York)” finds Stickles at the height of anger and resentment.

The video, directed by Ray Concepcion, also shows the band leader in a new way-sort of a 2018 Brian Wilson, conducting a huge group of players through the song in the recording studio. This is a far cry from the man I’m used to seeing with guitar in hand just telling the band, “Alright, let’s go!”

The song is a clear shot at people like Trump and his goons in the GOP, as well as a look into Stickles own psyche and feelings about himself.

The villains have taken their vengeance

I regret to say they’ve collected the evidence

Repent and pretend every entrance is open to tenants with references

Declare myself president of the emptiness, say I’m Rembrandt of dancing on the precipice

Eleven years in and trying to stay relevant

A Productive Cough comes out in March, and there will likely be more music released before then, but this eight-minute epic should be enough to tell you whether you want to pre-order. I got mine last night, opting for the “peak vinyl” option rather than the plain black vinyl. Make your choice here.

For a great read on the record, check out Ryan Walsh’s interview with Patrick here.

And if you’re curious after reading that link about that fateful night in Chicago when Walsh descended down a spiral staircase at SubT, check it out here.

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