Lilly Winwood-Silver Stage

Back in 2017 Lilly Winwood released her debut EP, Silver Stage. The whole thing only lasts 18 minutes, but you get enough of a taste to know you want to hear more.

If the name sounds familiar it’s likely because you’re familiar with her father Steve’s work; he of Traffic and Blind Faith fame, as well as a long solo career filled with hit songs. The two are hitting the road together next month, and they recorded a duet of his song “Higher Love” that’s really sweet.

The EP’s standout tune, for me, is the second track. “Safehouse” gets bigger and bigger as it moves along. There’s some interesting guitar work floating through, with a sound that reminds me of Aimee Mann’s songs from the Magnolia soundtrack. By the end it sounds like there are a million different things going on and they all somehow come together perfectly.

The vocals are at their best here as well, though they remain strong across all five tracks. She’s very consistent for a younger artist, and the EP features a sound that never waivers. All the tracks feel like they were written by one person, maybe all at one time. Their is something to be said for that kind of steadiness.

I like this record more than I thought I would. I mostly wanted to check it out as a fan of her father’s, but she deserves to be heard on her own merits.

If you want to catch her at a show with Steve, check out the tour info here.

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