Ruby Boots-“Don’t Talk About It”

The secret desires that we hide from people can cause great stress and depression. In the new video for the song “Don’t Talk About It” by Ruby Boots, we see a typical white American family sitting down to a meal. They sit silently, sometimes sharing looks of disappointment and yearning. We flash to what each is thinking to reveal the secrets they’re afraid to share.

The song speaks to the idea well. Feeling embarrassed or afraid of what others might think is a totally human thing to do. In some cases maybe others won’t accept you for who you are once they know everything. For the most part, though, I think it’s better to be honest than live a lie.

Toward the end of the video we see what life might be like if everyone was open and honest with one another. It looks a lot better than people eating in silence.

This is the title-track off Ruby Boots’ debut album, out February 9th on Bloodshot Records. I haven’t heard the rest of the songs yet, but I’m looking forward to it after hearing “Don’t Talk About It.”

Ruby will be playing a record release show at The Hideout in Chicago on February 9th for $10. Click here for tickets.

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