Song Premiere: Grand Am-“I Think I Found”


I’m very excited to be the person to deliver the second song from the duo Grand Am into your life. The first single is a straight-up jam, and “I Think I Found” adds a few new twists to their sound. Producer/Composer/ James Panepinto of New York and Singer/Songwriter David McMillin of Chicago are still working on the finishing touches of their full collection of songs, Waves (to be released later this year), and these tracks that they’ve released are definitely cranking up my anticipation for whatever they deliver.

This new song stays in the same vein of that Black Keys kind of dirty rock sound, with an opening drum solo that instantly made me think of Zeppelin’s “When The Levee Breaks.” The guitar and vocals come in just a beat apart, lending an urgency to the opening verse that falls away in the chorus allowing you to ease in the groove. McMillin’s phrasing doesn’t rush to catch the beat on longer lines, instead letting the words linger in the negative space where between drum kicks.

As the song comes to a close, the urgency returns. The guitar begins to scream while McMillin’s voice shouts. It’s these bookends of energy that really tie the song together. The theme of the lyrics about searching for someone or something in this era of great disconnection is one I think we’ve heard a lot of over the past couple years, and one we’ll hear more of well into the unforeseeable future. When he sings “I read a million words with nothing to say/But I feel alright being lost/I’m just looking to forget the modern age” I feel like most people will be able to relate to it.

This is the online premiere of “I Think I Found,” but you can catch it on your television tomorrow night during a new episode of MTV’s show “Catfish” at 10pm EST.

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