The Wrecks-We Are The Wrecks

I missed this EP last winter when it was released. The band put out a video for one of the songs or I may have never heard it. That would have been unfortunate because We Are The Wrecks is a lot of fun.

The Wrecks play with an infectious energy perfectly suited for a party with all your friends or bouncing around your living room alone. It’s the kind of music best played with the volume cranked all the way.

Influences seem to come from early 2000’s alt-pop bands like Jet, Good Charlotte, or Blink 182. The single “Favorite Liar,” for which they shot the video, is the most interesting. There’s a certain punk-Americana attitude to it that plays out in a way that’s pleasing to the ear. A little closer to Social Distortion than the other bands mentioned earlier.

The quintet hails from Los Angeles, California. Last year they found success with SiriusXM’s Alt Nation and on alternative radio. They’re heading out to open for New Politics and Dreamers starting February 16th. They’ll be here in Chicago on February 18th at Metro.

You can check out the EP, We Are The Wrecks, on Spotify.

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