ZZ Ward at House Of Blues 2/9/18

Just a couple weeks shy of five years ago I caught ZZ Ward at Lincoln Hall. She was coming off her debut Til The Casket Drops, and I was interested in hearing her bluesy version of pop music. Harmonica isn’t an instrument a lot of female musicians are famous for playing, but ZZ can wail and I’m always on board for younger audiences checking out the blues.

I had my camera with me at that show and took some truly horrendous pictures. I didn’t know how to use the equipment in a way that would give me the best results, and that is very clear. So I wanted to see her again, not only because I think she’s a good musician, but also to redeem myself and get some good shots. I’m happy to report that I did so thanks to some great lighting at House Of Blues.

I couldn’t stay for the whole show-an impressive thirty song setlist displayed their eagerness to rock all night long. What I saw was really good, though. They were playing stuff from every release she’s done so far. Her latest record, The Storm, has some great tracks, including guest spots from Fantastic Negrito and Fitz of Fitz & The Tantrums. You can check it out on Spotify.