We’re in the midst of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, so what better time than now to highlight South Korea’s own CIFIKA. A rising star in her native country, the electronic artist is about to head out on the longest North American run ever by a Korean artist.

The video for “MOMOM,” directed by Oui Kim, is pretty wild. It reminds me a lot of the stuff Missy Elliot was doing in the early 00’s that no one else ever pulled off with any real success. The lone male dancer (the hugely popular rockstar Hyuk Oh, who also collaborated on the song) juxtaposed against CIFIKA in a VR headset offers a setup that could go anywhere and they take full advantage.

The single (a collaboration with Hyuk Oh) follows CIFIKA’s EP Intelligentsia which you can stream on Spotify. That released garnered comparisons to Jamie xx and FKA Twigs, and I’d include Grimes in there as well. She’s an interesting vocalist and her production skills are ultra sharp for someone who’s only been doing this a couple of years.

Check out the tour dates here and go see this show if you get a chance. It won’t be like anything else you’ll see this year.