Girl Ray at Thalia Hall 2/21/18

Earlier this month I wrote about Girl Ray‘s 2017 record, Earl Grey. Last night I got to see them perform some of those songs as they opened for Porches at Thalia Hall.

The show was “In The Round,” so rather than be up on stage, the bands played on a platform in the middle of the main floor. It’s a fun idea, and a more intimate feel than a regular concert. Not great if you’re trying to take pictures, but awesome if you want to get super close to the players. The 360-degree experience means you can see everyone well, with the exception of the one person whose back is to you the whole time.

The sound was really good. For my preference I would’ve had the vocals up a bit louder than everything else so it didn’t get buried, but that’s just me. My favorite song off the album didn’t get played, though it wouldn’t make much sense if they did. It’s only 3:32, but a lot of that is just a guitar riff played over and a piano/vocal that could potentially be pretty boring live (it’s the reprise version of “Stupid Things” if you want to hear it yourself).